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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Facebook Links

Quietly clicking my way through Bloomberg last Sunday afternoon, I came across this:

Facebook Members Register Names at 550 a Second

Facebook Inc., the world’s largest social-networking site, said members registered new user names at a rate of more than 550 a second after the company offered people the chance to claim a personalized Web address.

Facebook started accepted registrations at midnight New York time on a first-come, first-served basis. Within the first seven minutes, 345,000 people had claimed user names, said Larry Yu, a spokesman for Palo Alto, California-based Facebook. Within 15 minutes, 500,000 users had grabbed a name.

Mein Gott, I thought to myself, if 550 people a second are doing something, they can't all be wrong. So I immediately signed up. Actually, this isn't my first experience with social networking since I did try Orkut out some years back, but somehow I didn't quite get the point. Either I was missing something, or Orkut was. Now I think I've finally got it. Perhaps the technology has improved, or perhaps I have. As I said in one of my first postings:

Ok. This is just what I've always wanted really. A quick'n dirty personal blog. Here we go. Boy am I going to enjoy this.
Daniel Dresner once broke bloggers down into two groups, the "thinkers" and the "linkers". I probably would be immodest enough to suggest that most of my material falls into the first category (my postings are lo-o-o-ng, horribly long), but since I don't fit any mould, and Iam hard to typecast, I also have that hidden "linker" part, struggling within and desperate to come out. Which is why Facebook is just great.

In addition, on blogs like this I can probably only manage to post something worthwhile perhaps once or twice a month, and there is news everyday.

So, if you want some of that up to the minute "breaking" stuff, and are willing to submit yourself to a good dose of link spam, why not come on in and subscribe to my new state-of-the-art blog? You can either send me a friend request via FB, or mail me direct (you can find the mail on my Roubini Global page). Let's all go and take a long hard look at the future, you never know, it might just work.


Anonymous said...

i hope you will still update this page from time to time. Im not on facebook but i really like your snippets about Ukraine!

Edward Hugh said...


Yes, I will continue to blog here. But maybe once a month. The thing about FB is that I send stuff - short posts (less than 50 words) every day.

Really, I recommend you set up an FB account. You don't even have to use your real name if you don't want. But if you do, you can send me a friend message, and then you will receive everything I put out, and I will point you to more people who are blogging on FB - not all about economics, but entertaining, nonetheless.

It take about 5 minutes to set up FB. Of course after doing it you can idle away hours, but this is really your affair.

Mermanjohn said...

Hi Ed,
What is your FB name?
Somewhere in Kyiv

Edward Hugh said...

Hi John, easy, Edward Hugh, see you there.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is all OK for short comments, but it doesn't replace a blog, where information is presented in a more structured way.

Additionally, I would like to point on the fact, if someone is searching in google for economic news about a country (as here Ukraine), he might find this site, but less likley facebook.